Coming Soon!

Hello my name is Katherine. I wanted to create Boldluminescent in order to connect with people, get people talking, share my experiences, my life, and hopefully help others. We all go through hard times in life, it’s what we do when we come out on the other side that either keeps us moving forward or holds us back. I have been through both. First the dark, anger, depression got the best of me, or so I thought. When it came time for college I decided to take my experiences and anger and channel that energy into helping others, and ultimately help myself. I came to terms with the challenges in my life, and when I let go of the past, I was finally free.

Through nutrition, vitamins and minerals, exercise, yoga, wine, friends, doggies, and a great family I was able to further my healing. I have been in the medical field for 13 years. I studied nursing and healthcare administration, worked in hospitals, in doctors offices, from orthopedics to pediatrics. I have met some incredible people both professionals and patients, all have changed my life. I am in no way a licensed professional or lifestyle coach. I’m just someone who was once a patient, and now a survivor.

I look forward to completing my website in the coming months and sharing the different ingredients that continue to further my healing and happiness!


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