The Flu Shot

I haven’t been feeling well lately. My fibromyalgia has me feeling achy and tired and I am unable to stomach food when I have these flare ups. I can usually stomach some soups and a few other bland foods, however, I feel like after a few days the sluggishness is in part to not eating a balanced diet. So I found I can stomach  fresh pressed juice drinks.20151119_162636.jpg If you’re not a healthy eater you may think these juices are gross. Some people don’t like the taste, heck, they may not like veggies at all!! I’m telling you if you’re not into fruits, veggies, or salads, play around with different fruit/veggie combos.  I usually go to a local deli and get this wonderful drink called The Flu Shot. It contains cancer fighting anti-oxidants, immune system support, a bunch of vitamins and minerals, and (most importantly) anti-inflammatory properties.20151119_162458


The Flu Shot:

  • 2 Large Bundles Kale
  • 2 Large Bundles Parsley
  • 2 Granny Smith
  • 1 Lemon
  • 2 inch piece fresh Ginger  (skin off)

Guys! This is just one of soo many combos you can make/buy. I love throwing in a shot of Wheatgrass too! Go to your local store or look on the Web for different recipes!! Drink up!!





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