Time to dim the lights


As we come to the close of 2015 there is soo much to reflect upon. We all know that in a few short weeks we will ring in a new year and make new promises to ourselves. But before you do, I ask the question, did you meet all your resolutions? Did you keep all your promises or improve upon something in your life like you said you were?  If your looking at the computer screen and squirming I’m going to assume that’s a no…

However, if you answered yes, then congratulations and please let me know what your superpower is.

Most people see the new year as a time to start fresh and set new goals, yet, a few months later we kind of get off course and abandon our resolutions. Well I say bring it on! Life and the world around us are always changing. Things happen!. So why can’t we sort of update our resolutions? Or better yet make new ones halfway through the year?!

If this new year is about you then I say instead of making a resolution for the whole year, set one every morning for that day.  Maybe you had a struggle losing those 20 lbs last year. Well, instead of promising to put yourself through the diets and grueling workouts again, just make a game plan for that day. Some people will even say a mantra in their head over and over such as: “today I will be healthy, I will feel good, and I will take care of myself”. Say that a few times in the morning and throughout the day and you will see yourself doing things without even realizing. You may not notice but maybe you ran an extra mile or ordered the vegetables instead of french fries!.

You alone have the complete power to transform yourself, yet, in today’s world with all the stress and pressures we tend to forget that. Instead, we put ourselves down. We compare ourselves to the girls and guys in the magazines, the hot girl with 15 different filters on her Instagram picture, or the muscle heads, who pretty much show you everything but their genitals.

Guess what…. It’s not real!!! You just see what they want you to see. You don’t know how they look in the morning before the make up, filters, fake hair, nails, and whatever else. We are all just human. What you might find as your flaw, someone might see as your beauty.

So this year as you prepare to make your resolutions, keep in mind that they are not ment to torture yourself. If you want to loose 50lbs, set a more realistic goal. Your not going to lose 50lbs overnight, so the next morning just set your intention to eat healthy and maybe make it to the gym after work. Then do that the next day and the next. Don’t feel guilty if you slip or are not on target. Remember life is constantly changing and so are you. This new year live life for yourself! Don’t make a resolution that you know is going to be hard. Instead just set your intentions each morning and take it one day at a time.

You never know you may surprise yourself and go beyond your wildest dreams! You deserve it!!!

Hope everyone had happy holidays and I wish all of you light and love in the new year!!!!



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