Sunshine in a cup!!


So it’s that transitional time of year where the wind isn’t as cold, the days are longer, the leaves are growing back on the trees, and everyone around you is sniffling and sneezing, tissues flying….yeah it’s that time of year….

It’s very common for individuals, especially those with chronic illness, to get sick around this transition from winter to spring. One day it’s warm, the next it’s cold, pollen is in the air….windows are open one minute,  heat on the next….you get the point…so what can we do to prevent getting sick and having horrible allergies this season?

The answer is Ginger+ Carrot+ Apple Juice.


Besides taking my hoard of vitamins everyday, I add this drink to my routine because of its amazing cancer fighting & immune boosting benefits!

Celebrate the transition to warmer weather and beautiful produce with this simple and super tasty juice.

Rich in Springs beautiful colors, orange, red, and gold, this refreshing juice provides a major kick of anti oxidants including: electrolytes and Biotin. Carrots are the richest plant source of vitamin A, and a good source of potassium. Apples contain antioxidants that help protect “good” cholesterol levels in the blood. Ginger root reduces nausea, pain and inflammation, and provides heartburn relief. It also aids digestion and may help to boost the body’s thermogenesis and metabolism.

Biotin is also an important B vitamin (B7), known as vitamin H for its role in promoting hair growth. Biotin is also needed for healthy metabolism and plays a role in regulating blood sugar levels. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go:

Ginger + Carrot + Apple Juice

6 carrots
4 apples
2 in (2.5 cm) piece of ginger

DIRECTIONS:Wash all produce well.Add all ingredients through juicer and enjoy!

Servings: Makes 2 servings of 16-20 oz.




I like to pour my juice over a few ice cubes in a Mason jar…stick in a straw and vóila! Enjoy!!


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