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I didn’t always wanted to help people. When I was going through chemotherapy I had an amazing nurse Erin. She was kind and funny and always seemed to put my family and I at ease. She was also very knowledgeable. If I wasn’t feeling well or was going through a rough patch she always knew what to say or do. I remember her taking time out of her day to actually sit down with my mom and just chat. This was contact my mom soo rightfully needed. After 12 hour days cooped up in the pediatric unit, an  adult conversation outside of medicine was probably hard to come by. I didn’t’ realize this until I was older. Erin’s lessons in compassion and kindness were still amazing me years after my treatment. I haven’t seen Erin since I left the hospital at 14, but she was one of the people who inspired me to become a nurse. Her presence and demeanor alone was bold. She always knew how to aide and heal her patients while treating them and their families with the utmost respect. A healer inside and out (She was also very pretty, ya know in an angelic way). But needless to say I wanted to be like her. I even got a job as a medical assistant in a pediatric practice while I was in nursing school!

Well since then life has thrown me a few curveballs but I still strive to be compassionate and kind to everyone who crosses my path. Because of amazing people like Erin, that helped me get through my treatment, I found what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to help people. I started with working in healthcare, this blog, and now I have added a new page called Cancer Corner filled with all types issues people may face while going through cancer treatment. I also put together a page called Helpful Websites that is filled with pages that contain information on everything from hairloss to financial help!

These were issues both my brother and I faced during our journey with cancer. We brainstormed as many of ideas as we could and came up with Cancer Corner. Hopefully we can help other in their journeys as well. Many of these issues we went through ourselves and the tips we listed were passed on to us by non other than Erin! So in honor of her service and support  I dedicate Cancer Corner to Erin. For inspiring me to turn this horrible time of my life into a career helping others and being kind and compassionate to all. Thank you.




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