Up on Fibro Fog Mountain…


This past week was hard. My fibromyalgia pretty much won every morning and I slept till the last possible moment and went into work looking like a hot mess. I hate waking up like this because it pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

And the Fibro Fog!! Geeze…it was in full force as well! I’m pretty sure I slurred my words through each morning and had to re-type everything on the computer because my fingers kept pressing the wrong keys!! Grrr…it’s so frustrating!! 

So what’s a girl to do when your stranded up on Fibro Fog Mountain with my head in the clouds? Well we all know fibro fog is common with fibromyalgia especially during a flare up and when your really suffering it is impossible to get your head out of the fog let alone get through a whole day of work!

Some tips I found online say to not hit the snooze button, get up right away to get going, stretch, take a hot shower, and /or exercise when you start your day. These are great ideas but don’t always work. It depends on the individual.

Some of the things that I do to help the fog when I have a fibro flare are:

● Up the b12. Find in the drug store but only buy it if it is taken sublingualy. B12 is normally not absorbed through the body when taken orally and swallowed. You may also want to talk to the doctor about getting a b12 shot in the arm.

● Get moving…but slowly. If exercise in the morning makes you as nauseous as it makes me then you know it’s not going to happen. If I’m not in too much pain I usually do some stretching or gentle yoga. I don’t do more than 10-15 minutes but it gets the blood flowing and releases some of the stiffness throughout my body.

● I do agree with taking a hot shower. This usually helps wake me up and helps sooths aches and pains.

● Drink hot tea. Since it’s not recommended that fibromyalgia sufferers consume caffeine I usually brew a big pot of green or black tea. I love refreshing flavors in the morning such as mango or mint and it does contain some caffeine, but not as much as coffee. It gives me the boost I need in the morning and helps helps fight the fog.

● Eat breakfast. I sometimes skip this meal but I pay for it later. Not only does skipping breakfast make my fibro symptoms worse throughout the day it makes it impossible for me to think a single thought. My blood sugar drops and the pain gets worse. I found that smoothies and yogurt are very helpful in the morning. Dole now has smoothies that you just add juice, shake it, and go. I usually add almond milk to fill me up but these are lifesavers. *If you add juice, watch your sugar intake the rest of the day, as it can exacerbate your symptoms.

I’ve slowly been feeling better. Yes, I did the tips I mentioned above, however my body just wasn’t having it this week. They did make my morning easier though and I found that I felt better in the afternoon. I don’t think I would feel this way if I didn’t take care of myself. The worst part is that no one at my job knows I have fibro. It is a new position and I am not comfortable sharing that info with my coworkers yet.

So I do what many of us do and hide the pain behind a big ol’ smile. Going to work feeling horrible and not wanting to share your issues with coworkers can sometimes give one anxiety. I know I have it and it doesn’t help one bit.


Talking to your boss is important. I know I will eventually fill them in on what’s going on and it is important! There are many laws now that protect people with disabilities so actually opening your mouth can help you and take away the anxiety of hiding your pain.

I don’t have children so I really am amazed by people even WITHOUT fibromyalgia for getting yourself and your family going in the morning! If you have a chronic illness, have kids, and go to work….I give you people ALOT of credit and I know you guys are out there!!

For now, I continue to fight my way down from the mountain. I am listening to my body and not pushing myself. I have found that patience is key. I might not get everything done in a day but eventually I get there. This continues to be a journey and I am learning everyday.

What do you do when you have a bad flare up? I would love to learn about what works for others!



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