The Great Outdoors

This past weekend I took the ultimate physical and mental break. This little getaway was much needed as I had final the past two weeks. And this semester was important because it was my last! That’s right…I am a collage graduate!. Phew! It was not easy. First off I am no spring chicken. I left college in my mid twenties after the death of my father and grandmother within a span of six months. After that I didn’t want anything to do with healthcare. But I found my way back and am looking at a few great job opportunities!

Anywho! My fibro was off the charts recently from all the stress. The second to last week of school I went into a full blown flare. Somehow I survived and my husband and I set out for upstate New York for a much needed break.


The mountains and the beautiful big clouds were a sight to see (the above shot was from Woodbury Commons, yes shopping heals the soul too). But seriously I forgot how trips like this, even for a weekend, are a much needed remedy for our health. Between my health, school, family, friends, appointments, medicines, animals…the list goes on..the point is we all have soo much going on in life that sometimes we need to stop and enjoy life!


The weather wasn’t the best on the way there but eventually the sky opened up. This is a view of the clouds blanketing the mountain. We were up pretty high, so the next morning when we drove down into town, we actually drove through those clouds! It was awesome…and scary!!

We spent the day in Lake George, NY. I spent many childhood summers here and love coming back. It was a magical place to me, and the best family memories were probably made here. I cannot wait until I have children of my own and can bring them here to swim in the lake, camp under the stars, and just be a kid!!

Next stop  was Woodstock, N.Y. and it was all I thought and more!! Another magical little town, composed of artists, musicians, and dreamers still trying to keep the vibes of 69′ going. Cute stores and art galleries lined the streets. We walked all over. I got these beautiful serving spoons composed of bamboo with black and white stone handles. Another hit was Sew Woodstock which had vintage clothes galore! I bought my mom her mothers day presents here and lets just say she was happy.

The rest of our trip consisted of sight seeing and taking pictures of the farms and mountains that surrounded us.There is a different vibe when you step outside a city. The buzzing of life seems to be non existent. The air is different, no one is in a rush, and there is a sense of calm.

Sometimes when I am low and in pain, I look up and wonder why me? Why am I suffering from a chronic illness at the prime of my life? But I refuse to be a victim. When I woke up to that fresh mountain air, I took a deep breath, and remembered life has so much more to offer, beyond the pain and suffering, this is my frame of mind, even if it did take climbing a mountain to remind me.


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