My New Beauty Obsession & Giveaway

So as the seasons change so does my skin. I live on Long Island, New York so we can get some pretty nasty weather, especially in the fall and winter months. Wind and extreme cold does a number on my skin and I am always looking for the best beauty products at a reasonable cost. I’ll admit I have tried the more expensive brands such as Chanel and Doors and while they have some amazing skincare and makeup products, the price keeps it hard to maintain. 

So what’s this new and exciting  obsession you all have been waiting? Well if you haven’t heard of the new KBeauty trend your about to be schooled. 

No it has nothing to do with the Kardashians, but it’s a whole range Korean Beauty products and treatments that is sweeping the western hemisphere. From collagen masks to soda fizz facial cleansers, these items are everywhere and I’ve picked up a few that have given my skin a new glow this fall season. 

You may have seen Tony Moly before. Their products have been in Ulta and Sephora for a few years now. Nonetheless, they have these great masks for all different skin types. There very soothing and leave your skin looking and feeling great. I love to put these on right after I get out of the shower. They help the skin maintain the much needed moisture in the winter months. $3.75 at

Next is yes, more masks, but you will never grow tired of Mediheal’s Bamboo Charcoal 4D Masks. They are so light, yet effective, that you could use these in any season. The charcoal lifts all dirt and debris to the surface while the bamboo sooths and strengthens. Approx. $13.00 box of 10 at

If your like me and over 30, you might have already heard of collagen treatments. Collagen is what keeps the skins subleness and moisture. Over time our body produces less and less collagen making the face look old and wrinkly. Be proactive for a fraction of what you would spend at a dermatologists’ office and try Mediheal’s  collagen masks. Again you can a box of 10 for around  $13 on

This next product is probably my favorite. If your lips need plumping, are chapped, or if your starting to get those fine lines around your lips your going to love this too. Again from Mediheal, these Lip Magic masks are so light and soothing and don’t leave any nasty after taste like other products. They plump up your lips and keep them moisturized. Use these twice a week for best results. Approx $8 on .

Again if your like me and can’t afford monthly facials this next product will help you out immensely. Only downside is you need to set aside an hour for results. Holika Holika has come out with a 3 step blackhead system. 3 different pore strips that you wear for about twenty minutes at a time. These really work! I’ve used it twice and not only are my blackheads gone but it has tightened my  pores. $22 for box of 10 on

Last but not least, is not so much a review for a product than it is for a brand. Skylake is an all natural company that has a range of skincare products. I was given several samples including Green Tea Skin Cleanser, Green Tea soothing moisturizer, and their brand new shampoo. I only have one sample left to show because I blew through the rest of them in a week! The all natural ingredients were gentle on my face and I’ve noticed a more even skintone and firmer skin. Definitely check out the whole range at

Okay! What you’ve all been waiting for…The giveaway!! 1 lucky winner will get to choose any 2 products from above as their prize. Here are the instructions:

  1. Follow me on Instagram. Click here.
  2. Choose your favorite selfie of me on my account. (It can literally be any of my selfies)
  3. Repost the picture with the following hastag: #boldfallgiveaway
  4. Tag 2 friends.

That’s it! Winner will be chosen Tuesday November 13th! Good luck!


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